The GM Collection

Welcome to our first collection to the public: The "GM" Collection.

While we are still fine-polishing our main collection "Analog Summer 2021", we wanted to show the world how functional NFT watches look like.

We have chosen "GM" as a tribute to our amazing NFT community, which made all this possible. In our community,

GM stands for "Good morning". It is the universal greeting to start a friendly conversation.
The "Gm Collection" will consist of only 17 unique pieces.

We will publish these 16+1 pieces one by one, day by day.

Holders of these pieces will have special privileges, including free drops of every main collection in the future (details TBA).

The first 16 pieces will be for sale, the last piece of the collection will be given to one of your loyal community members (details TBA).
Soon after the release of the "GM" collection, our main collection "Analog Summer 2021" will be finally ready.

Our community members already can establish presales/whitelist levels to get privileged access to this collection.
The auction for the first MetaWatch of "Gm" is scheduled for Friday 26th of November, CET 21:00.

It will end on Sunday the 28th at the same time.

It will take place on OpenSea.

Please check our Discord server for further announcements.